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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  September 16, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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mom was right again when she said you are what you eat. we still have plenty ahead. your weather and traffic coming up right now. fox 5 morning news at 5:00 starts now. good morning on this thursday, september 16 as we take a live look at the wilson bridge this morning as your commute gets ready for the day. it will be a beautiful day out there again today on this thursday. good morning. i'm sarah simmons in for gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. glad you're with us. welcome to fox 5 morning news on this thursday morning. let's get a look at that forecast for today. tucker barnes joins us with hopefully more good news. >> okay news. we've got more clouds than yesterday. not going to be picture perfect like it was. a little warmer than yesterday. a little more humid as well. we are going to have a gorgeous weekend with more details on that coming up. we'll talk about current conditions and we are in the 60s generally across the area here in town. humidity, 57%. wind are out of the east at six
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miles per hour. pressure is falling just a little bit. i mentioned cloud cover. can you see it streaming in here from the west. what this is is a warm front. it will be noticeably more humid. still not bad by summer standards but after the perfect weather we had around here the last couple of days, more clouds in the forecast. the rain should hold off until the nighttime hours particularly overnight into tomorrow morning. at least the daytime hours will be dry if you've got outdoor plans. we have a frontal system that will come through and give us a chance for needed rain around here later tonight into the first part of tomorrow. increasing cloud cover, warm temperatures. 87degrees. wind will be a little breezy at times at 10 to 15 miles per hour. i mentioned the weekend looks fantastic. that coming up in just a minute. >> keep your summer gear out for now. >> couple more days. >> i'm surprised that julie wright is actually wearing sleeves today. you look like you're ready for fall. >> somebody told me this morning that it was -- the
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temperature was supposed to drop today so that is why. i've been waiting all week to wear this and now i need to wear it again tomorrow. don't tell anybody. >> it will be our secret. >> the lane are open if you're traveling the top side, outer loop leaving college park towards the exit for 270. no problems reported now at the wilson bridge. overall quiet trip there. overnight construction on the beltway in tyson's headed down towards the exit there at 66, all of that is in the process of being cleared and reopened along m street here at south capital street. no problems reported on 295 at the 11th street bridge or pennsylvania avenue at the sousa bridge. that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we do have breaking news this morning. a deadly crash in district heights involving an suv and a prince george's county ambulance. three people in the suv were killed. two medics are being treated. stacy cohan joins us live on the scene with more details this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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this is just absolutely incredible accident. it happened just after midnight. the ambulance was on the way to a call, not far even from the firehouse when this happened. joining me now is mark brady with the prince george's county fire ems department. you were telling me there is some video equipment or camera equipment on this ambulance that enabled you to get a good idea of what happened. >> we have a dash cam installed on all of the ambulances. it it was able to capture video of the accident 10 seconds prior to it and about 10 seconds after. what this demonstrates to us is the ambulance was traveling at about 0 miles per hour. they had their lights, sirens on and traveling westbound on marlboro pike. you could see in the distance a set of headlights almost directly in trontd of them but somewhat town the road. the ambulance broke to about 10 miles per hour and almost instantly, that suv was on top of them. the only thing the drive could do was take eviesive action and turn the ambulance over to the left-hand side. when that occurred, what he did was avoided a head-on collision
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but the suv still came down the side of the ambulance and just totally obliterated the patient compartment area of that ambulance. >> reporter: the suv apparently continued to travel and eventually hit a brick wall? >> it traveled about another 120 people after that initial collision. it hit a brick wall, utility pole and overturned, landed on its roof. >> all three occupants dead on the scene? >> exactly. firefighters and paramedics to assist at the accident scene were able to access the patient and determine that all three were deceased. >> i know that the two fire and etch ms workers were taken to the hospital but they seem okay. this could have been even worse. >> you know, the suv, it is a large-style gmc suburban traveling what he believe to be at an excessive rate of speed. had it been head on, there is no doubt in my mind that there would have been serious or
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fatal surusc to our personnel. the driver is credited with taking that action and save the lives of our people. >> can you see the entire side of that accident is just absolutely peeled off. it took an incredible amount of force to do that. sadly, the three people in the suv were all pronouncedded dead at the scene. this section of the roadway at marlboro pike between penn crossing avenue and oakwood lane is closed. it will remain closed for at least another hour while the accident investigation and clean-up continues. the hunt is on if a gunman who shot a teenager at a popular hangout. witnesses say a group of girls was fighting at an intersection near largo high school whether a brawl broke out between two men. several shots were fired a short time later. a 19-year-old was hit. he is expected to survive. the search continues for more suspects accused of terrorizing neighborhoods around the university of
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maryland for weeks now even holding at least one person at gunpoint. police arrested 19-year-old chenor jaw. being held without bond bond. police say he and three others approached victims in college park with a weapon, took their stuff and ran off. the remaining suspects have been spotted in surveillance video you see here at 7-eleven stores. they are all considered armed and dangerous. a d.c. police officer facing some serious legal troubles. tamra mcgwire is one of 12 people indicted on charges in a drug conspiracy. it is part of a year-long investigation into the trafficking of heroin and crack owe cain in northeast d.c. mcgwire has been on administrative leave and could face 10 years to life in prison in convicted. vincent gray getting ready to take over as mayor of the district. he defeated incumbent mayor adrian fenty 54 to 45% w no republican chal per, he is virtually guaranteed to become the next mayor.
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he is changing voters and says he will be an inclusive leader. >> i really respect the democratic process. to me, it would be overstepping my bounds to say as the incumbent mayor that i think the democratic nominee should do this or he should do that. in fact, i'm here almost to say i'm here to support him in what he thinks. >> we'll probably do a series of town hall meetings so we can hear from people and not just democrats. we can hear are republicans and unders because frankly, i believe, in my heart in one city. >> the next big we is whether gray will keep schools chancellor michelle rhee. he says don't expect any decision on that until after the general election in november. coming up, we have a full report on what michelle rhee plans to do next. he is responsible for an anti-auto theft device that millions of people own. tragic news about the inventor of the club. a mystery involving gas stations in the area.
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who is stealing thousands of gallons of diesel fuel from underground tanks and how are they doing it? we're checking headlines next.
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making headlines being the inventor of the popular anti- auto theft item the club died in an auto crash. he invented the club in 1986 after someone stole his cadillac. his company has sold more than 10 mull onof those devices. he was 81 years sewed. gas station workers are paying closer attention to their pumps after thousands of dollars of diesel fuel was stolen from two different stayings in maryland. somebody took more than 1800 gallons of dpees el fuel from an underground tank. they likely used a large pickup strub or larger vehicle to move that a fuel -- truck or large are vehicle to move that amount of fuel. a michigan man is behind bars after an alleged threat against the president. the fbi is questioning richard scott mccloud. police stopped the 48-year-old for speeding. ensued the suv, they found a
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picture of the president, a bullet-proof vest, a loaded gun and tip for building a bomb. he is charged with illegally having body armor and a loaded gun. a new era leadership is about to unfold in the district. a new mayor and could that mean a new schools chancellor? the latest on today's forecast. got some clouds out there this morning. we'll see more clouds later on today and we'll talk about the chance of rain. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
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we take a look at the washington monument this morning. off it i pretty nice start once again. we've had a nice run of nice days this week. tucker said yesterday this is one of those week that we should embrace. >> that is absolutely right. today is the day of transition where we will have more clouds around. we think by the end of today,
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late, late, late tonight, we'll get some rain showers moving through. and it will be a warm one. i think warm, more muggy than it's been the last couple of days. that sets us up for another nice couple of days. >> nothing to complain about. >> it looks like we'll get a little bit of rain. let's start with yesterday's high temperatures. we made it again up into the 80s above normal. 86degrees at reagan national airport. 86 at dulles international. bwi marshall made it up to 84 degrees. right now, 68 degrees. it is a warmer start to the morning than we had yesterday morning at this time. 61 at gaithersburg. quantico, virginia is at 64 degrees. let's see. stevensville, maryland, 64 degrees. dulles, 62. win which ther, 63 at this
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hour. take a look at this satellite- radar. -- winchester, 63 at this hour. we get some loud pushing that the region. that is a cold front that will come through here tonight. that is the front that will trigger some shower activity we believe but in advance of the cold front, we get the temperatures warming up a little bit. a little bit of a southerly breeze, some cloud cover and then the cold front comes through, trigs some showers, maybe a couple of thunderstorms. that brings cooler, drier air in for the rest of the week or the end of the week into the weekend. this is how it all comes together for today. your forecast, clouds on the increase. warm temperatures though in advance of the cold front and breezy. 87degrees for your high today as opposed to yesterday's 86 degrees. those winds are suggested early tonight. late tonight, they will shift to out of the northwest with the passage of the front. cloudy skies tonight, chance for showers, maybe a thunderstorm we think late tonight. best chance probably after midnight. then your five-day forecast looks like this. tomorrow, after maybe a couple
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of morning sprinkles and some clouds, we'll have gradual clearing. still a little bit above normal but it is different from 86, 87 degrees. saturday and sunday look great. good amount of sunshine. our highs on monday in the upper 70s which now, as of today is the average high for this time of year. now, let's get an update on traffic with julie wright. >> right now on the roads, you will find lanes are open if you are traveling the top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. southbound along 270, no problems reported leaving germantown trying to get past mva and head out past 270. overnight roadwork on the northbound side at falls road and 124 has cleared. traveling inbound along 66, the lane are opens awe continue to work your way eastbound leaving centreville. you will find the lane are open right now if you are traveling in each direction down south of the wilson bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the grave site controversy
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continues at arlington national cemetery. new details are emerging from the army that three burial sites opened last month had the wrong remains inside. this comes after an investigation into bookkeeping problems and burial mix-ups. an ohio family came to washington this week to make sure their son was buried in the correct site. marine private first class heath warner's remains were exhumed and correctly identified. >> in my public statement, i said the desecration stops today and that is what i hope happens. and i know that is melissa's hope is that the honor and dignity of arlington is restored. >> after positively identifying the body, the warn hers heath reburied. earlier this summer, a senate subcommittee reported as men as 6 # hundred graves may be up marked, improperly marked or mislabeled. with mayor fenty on the way out and convincement gray set to take over the role of mayor,
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what is next to d.c. schools? it's big question on many mines. that is while schools chancellor michelle rhee stay or go? john henrehan went looking for the answer. >> reporter: d.c. school chancellor michelle rhee has fired about 500 of the 4200 educators who work in the d.c. public school system. her sweeping approach to school reform came about because current mayor adrian fenty gave her broad authority to make change happen. >> she and i will decide how the schools will be run for the next 106 days. she and the kneltic nominee will have to decide what their respective roles are for any days after january #nd next year. >> reporter: many d.c. voter told pollsters although they like the general cinemas inyankees it toast scores, they didn't like the top-down style of management. will the voomed incoming mayor keep michelle rhee. >> we won't make any personnel decisions at all until after
5:21 am
the general election. i think it is important that she and i begin these conversations now. >> reporter: the president of washington teachers union expects vincent gray will consult with his group before deciding whether to keep chancellor rhee. >> the vote on the mayor is an indication that there are some issues with how she has been doing things. i think that is something that should be taken into consideration. >> reporter: tommy wells, who was a school board member before being elected to the city council is floating an intriguing idea. gray should keep michelle rhee for one more year, a transition year. >> michelle rhee has put a lot of things in place that are just taking off and will be employmented next fall. i would love to see her stay for another school year. >> reporter: what does the chancellor think? ee caught up with her. >> can you work under convincement gray and stay with d.c. schools? >> i am going to take the next few days. i am going on my little pre- honeymoon trip and i'll reflect on effect and when i come back, i'm going to meet and talk with
5:22 am
lots of people and make decision there. >> reporter: we also ran councilman wells a proposal by her. the chancellor was not enthusiastic about that plan. john henrehan, fox 5 news. it is not uncommon to lose your cool when you get a parking ticket but still head, why did one parking enforcementth, who was giving the ticket, go off? >> take that and shove it up your -- >> i have it on video. >> i could give a damn less. >> we'll tell what you sparked this tirade that caused that parking enforcement agent to lose his job. next, a monumental moment in fashion. first ever plus-size fashion show at one acclaimed event. we'll tell you what is behind it. >> you have to make a noise. you have to let people know that full figured is here to stay.
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we have been talking a lot about american idol recently tbreering up for another season. new judges and now a new way to audition. from now through october 6th, idol hopefuls with audition on myspace. idol wanna-bes between the ages of 15 and 28 can submit an audition video of 40 seconds or less exclusively on myspace.
5:26 am
a select few will be given a golden ticket to hollywood. fashion is meant town spire but some americans can't seem to find the models that they personally can identify with. >> that may have changed this week in the big apple with the first ever plus-size fashion show. ainsley earhart has the story. >> i really feel like this is a monumental moment in fashion history. >> it is a first for new york fashion week. plus size models flaunting figure-friendly fashion. >> it is finally come the time that a plus-size show is in new york fashion week. >> reporter: the plus-size market is an $18 billion industry. >> there is an unbelievable statement to we as women who are above a size 1 that we've never been serviced. >> reporter: fashion houses are now trying to push blues size consumeers to the stores and keep them spending and these models hope that this show is just the beginning. >> you have to make a noise.
5:27 am
have you to let people know that full figured is here to stay. >> even if plus size clothing represents less than 0% of total revenue in win's clothing, it is an area of growth. sales in the niche increased by 2% from may 2009 to 2010. in new york, ainsley earhart, fox news. still much more ahead this morning. >> reporter: good morning. a terrible collision involving an ambulance and an suv leaves three people dead. i'm live in prince george's county. i'll have that story coming up.
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we take a live look outside. traffic getting ready to get going for the day on a beautiful day it will be as well. >> you are saying a little bit warmer than the last couple of days. >> i think today will be the least beautiful of the days we've had. >> really? >> not going to be terrible. just going to have more clouds, warmer and a little bit more muggy. we've had worse, certainly. we have a few more clouds out there now as a warm front makes its way through here. you can see the cloud cover. there you go. that is a very good image of it. fairly cloudy size for your morning commute and i think tucker and were talking about this, we were thinking today we'll have what we call filtered sunshine.
5:31 am
a lot of clouds hanging around and then touring the morning hours, some sun will break through and more clouds come in later on. current temperatures look like this. 68degrees in the nation's capital. 62 at dulles airport. ocean city, maryland is at 71 degrees. winchester, virginia is at 63 degrees. here is a look at your day plan are for today. plenty of clouds hanging around today. we do believe you will get some sunshine filtering through during the morning and early afternoon hours. but then lots of clouds move in as we get set for some rain later on tonight. highs today will be in the upper 80s, we believe. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> let's get a check of traffic. julie wright has the latest for us on the morning commute. >> good morning to you all. yes, a serious crash occurred shortly after midnight closes the marlboro pike in each direction between brooks drive and silver hill road. it is a fatality that is under investigation at this point. stacy cohan has been reporting live from the scene.
5:32 am
marlboro pike remains closed off from silver hill road until brooks drive. southbound # 70 out of hyattstown, we have slow downs here that continue south of 109 to the truck scales. no accidents, just volume delays. northbound 395 here at edsall road in the maine line, no problems to reported. hovs rubbing at speed out to the 14th street bridge. overnight construction on the beltway between tyson's and 66 is cleared. -- hovs running at speed out to the 14th street bridge. we are follow ago a developing story out of bridge county wray speeding suv collided with an ambulance overnight resulting in a deadly crash. fox 5's stacy cohan joins us live in district heights with more on this one. good morning. >> good morning to you. there are three people dead as a result of this accident. it happened just after midnight. an ambulance was leaving a fire station whichss only a few blocks from where the crash
5:33 am
happened. it was heading westbound on marlboro pike. fortunately, the ambulance was equipped with a dashboard camera so fire vehicle "s were able to watch the accident happen. >> in the distance on the cash dam, can you see a set of head lines approaching that appears to be in their same lane of travel but coming in the opposite direction coming at a head-on collision direction. the ambulance shows down and the car aappropriating it is coming at such a fast rate of speed, all the driver of the ambulance could do was take a quick swerve to the left. >> reporter: it's good thing the ambulance driver did swerve because the suv did not slow down. it sideswiped the ambulance, sheering off the enstire side of that ambulance and then going forward another 40 yards before the suv met with a brick wall and then a utility pole. it flipped over on its roof. all three occupants dead on the scene. fortunately, the fire and ems
5:34 am
workers were taken to a local hospital. they were treated and released. they are okay. they are crediting the evasive action taken by that ambulance driver with saving both the driver's life and the other fire ems worker. the accident investigation is still under way. no word on why that suv was in the wrong lane speeding out of control. wave asked questions about drugs and alcohol and it is just too early to say at this point. as julie wright mentioned, this section of marlboro pike is closed. it will be closed i'm told for at least one more hour while the clean-up investigation continues. i'm stacy cohan. back to you. >> thank you. we have more breaking news for you. pope benedict xvi begins an historic and controversial visit to britain. the holy father arrived in scotland just a few minutes ago. here is a live picture now. shortly, the pope will be welcomed by queen elizabeth ii at her official residence there. after the queen's welcome, the pope will take part in a parade through edinburgh where 100,000 people are expected to line the
5:35 am
streets. it's four-day visit. it is opposed by many in britain because of the cost to the uk government and the continuing sexual abuse crisis in the catholic church. there you see the pope coming out of the plane right now as he lands in scotland to begin this four-day visit in the united kingdom. other popes have visited britain before but this is the first state visit by a pontiff because benedict the pope was invited by queen elizabeth. he will be there for four days and he will be meet with the queen shortly. he will be heading to the parade route as about 100,000 or so people meet him. >> controversial but also a historic trip as you mentioned. it has been overshadowed by sex abuse scandals in the past which have shaken the confidence in the roman catholic church. but, of course, he is there
5:36 am
hoping to mend fences as well and it should be an interesting visit. we'll have more on that. cog up. the district of columbia is getting a new leader. adrian fenty and vincent gray are making up. the two challengers slugged it out with negative ads but now they are agreeing to work together if i smooth trance i go. vince gray is call following unity and fenty says he realizes that people have spoken. >> i feel like i put everything into it. i was fully prepared and excited to serve the city for four more years but it wasn't to be that. wasn't the will of the voters so i respect the will of the voters to support chairman gray. >> one of the things that is most important to me at this stage is to be able to work to earn the support of those
5:37 am
people who did not vote fuss. >> the race is virtually a done deal here. we know the frustration of getting a parking ticket. coming up next, tempers flared on camera. >> take that and shop it up your [bleep] >> i have it on -- shove it up your [bleep] >> i have it on video. >> i could give a damn less. a september rally for u.s. stocks continues. both the dow and nasdaq picked up gains. in arab yitzhak rabin the mark -- in issue -- in asia, the markets were pretty flat. ce
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an historic building near pittsburgh went up in flames. the fast-moving fire destroyed the century and a half-year-old mansion yesterday. a florida parking enforcement agent admits he lost his temper and now he has lost his job too. a driver caught his angry tirade on camera. take a look. >> take that and shove it up your [bleep] >> you just -- i have it on video. >> i could give a damn less. >> well, andrea claims he tried to give already a ticket before she could even get money in the
5:41 am
meter. later that evening, her husband went to confront the agent. bill explained what he said to shore while he rolled his video camera. >> according to my wife, you were harassing her. apparently, there were witnesses to this. during the conversation, i said i'm going to get your job. >> i lost my temper. i shouldn't have lost my temper. he was taunting me. you don't see that part of the video of him sitting in the car taunting me. >> shore resigned from his job as a volunteer parking officer. a murder suspect trying to get away from police behind major chaos on roads in houston. the driver went the wrong way down a highway. he got on an exit ramp. the driver flew through a red light and slammed into a pickup truck. that wasn't the end of t we all know what happens next. he jumped out and took off running. police ended up chasing him down after got out of vehicle
5:42 am
and they did arrest him. there he goes. one person in that truck was hurt but is expected to recover. again, the man as you can see is in custody. >> crazy video there. a rematch in the run for the state house in maryland. a verbal battle is heating up. >> it will albright choice for the people of our state about whether we move forward or slip back. >> during a very serious time, people want serious people conveying serious messages on serious issues. >> i think' serious. what will it take for one of these men to pull away in the race for we'll hear from a political analyst. we'll also check your morning commute and your forecast as traffic heads across the 14th street bridge. we're back after this. what's all this? big news! we have another way to help you save. oh, really? how? by bundling. if you get your homeowners and auto insurance together, we give you even more savings.
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we continue to take a look at the activities happening overseas. this is part of the motorcade in scotland where the pope has arrived, part of a four-day trip he is taking to the united kingdom. we saw right here just awe few minutes ago live on fox 5 as his plane opportunitied down and the pope was able it deplane on his way to meet the queen. >> a four-day visit there.
5:46 am
the pope has acknowledged the sexual abuse scandal has been such a huge issue as well. part of this is to mend fences and also mend fenceses withally with the protestant church. we'll continue to follow this and bring you the latest as story develops throughout the morning hours. we want to get a check on the forecast here in the washington area. tony has that for us. >> yes, indeed. however, before i give you our forecast for the washington area, i want to take a look at what is going on in the tropics as we have very active weather out there. take a look. we'll start with vipir and you can see the three storms. let's lose the channel 5 bug there for a second in the corner. karl is a tropical storm and has winds of 50 miles per hour, maximum sustained winds. there are hurricane watches in he can for portions of mexico as there could be some intensity. igor, the second system, still
5:47 am
a major very dangerous category four hurricane. maximum sustained winds back up to 145 miles per hour. and again, the folks at the national hurricane center are advising the residents of bermuda and the nation of bermuda to keep an eye on igor to sigh how that tracks there. julia is a category two hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 105 miles per hour. she is well out to sea. take a look at the current temperatures around our region. culpeper at 61-degree. cambridge, maryland, 63. in baltimore, it is 64 so a warm are start to the day than we had yesterday. satellite-radar if our region. we have clouds in over us this morning. mostly cloudy skies during the morning hours. out to the west thairks cold front that will eventually come through so here is what is going to happen.
5:48 am
today, we warm up into the upper 80s. cold front comes through tonight. that will like i trigger some showers and thunderstorms. high pressure still in control but that will get pushed out of here. we had sunny skies yesterday. this morning, we've got some clouds. we think we'll have filtered sunshine during the late more than, early afternoon hours and then more clouds build in in advance of the cold front. an once this comes through, it will trigger some showers and thunderstorms. then behind it, cooler and drier air. forecast for today looks like this. clouds on the increase, warm temperatures, breezy. high today about 87 degrees. five-day forecast, tonight, some precipitation developing i think later tonight after 9:00, 10:00. best chance after midnight. could linger into the early hours of tomorrow. tomorrow will be cooler though. 81degrees for your high. some morning clouds give way to more sunshine later. sets us up identify spectacular weekend saturday and sunday, sunny and highs in the low 80s. that is very close to julie wright's requirements. let's see now if she will be
5:49 am
happy with that. sunshine and low 80s, julie. >> i'm holding onto. >> you'll taking it, right? >> i'm not letting summer go without a fight. me and mother nature. you should collect money on that bet. >> i will. >> lanes are open continuing around towards 270. no problems reported on 29 as you work your way in from stewart lane. 70, a little busy on the top side approaching and passing 109. still at speed, the trip out of germantown continuing into gaithersburg and rockville. no problems reported coming across the american legion bridge. in virginia, eastbound 66, the lane are open but we are starting to see some slow downs as you merge on from 50 fair oaks. northbound i-95, no problems to report leaving strip field north of the fsp. # 95 runs route problems as you continue from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. it will be a rerun race for maryland governor as martin o'malley and robert ehrlich
5:50 am
cruise to victory in the democratic and republican primaries. ehrlich came out swinging on this first day of the general election race but as fox 5's tom fitzgerald reports, the two governors may be mapping out two very different paths to victory. >> reporter: at the state house in annapolis, republican rob are the ehrlich set his sights on getting his old job back. >> i can't wait to get back to work. >> reporter: ehrlich found himself out of a job when martineau male defeated him in 2006. now, with both men winning their primaries, the rematch is on. martin owe male says his leadership during the economic wrap turn will be a stark contrast for the republican challenger. >> it will be a choice about whether we move forward or slip back. >> ehrlich says he is a challenger without a learning curve when it comes to governing in annapolis.
5:51 am
>> during a very serious people being people want serious people conveying serious messages on serious issues about their life. that is why we're winning. >> reporter: but will robert ehrlich may have leader the first hurdle in his political comeback, analysts say given maryland's track record, if he hopes to cross the finish line, he will need to reach reach out to democrats and independents. >> bob ehrlich is not an extreme conservative. >> reporter: leonard steinhorn says since maryland has a majority of democratic vote ares, ehrlich cannot win if he does not broaden his base meaning governor owe male will have pond time reaching moderate workers to keep ehrlich from branching out. >> he cannot just depend only on democratic votes. >> reporter: most polls have the contest neck and neck meaning the next seven weeks will be both a rematch and a race heading towards november 2nd. there is much more going on with these elects here and
5:52 am
across the country. just head to and click on the you decide 2010 logo for everything you want to know about these races. local sweethearts with some sweet success. that i love of cupcakes turning into cash. >> now, their story is going national. we'll meet them coming up next on fox 5 morning news.
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in sports, two in a row as they beat the atlanta braves last night. justin maxwell hit a grand slam. the nats win 4-# and take two of three from the braves. she was an advertising and marketing executive. he was an it specialist. they met and married. >> now the maryland couple is making cupcakes in love. our will thomas shows us how their story is going national this morning in the fox 5 focus. >> reporter: frosting a cupcakery. chevy chase, maryland. this isn't a story about another bakeshop selling these sweet treats as fast as they can make them. it is about todd and michelle and their whirlwind journey meeting on, getting married and leaving their traditional careers to create a new life. first, the online connection. >> i finally razz was readily
5:56 am
to close down. i was on page 15 and i saw todd and i fell in love with him. of his tall and good looking and exactly like his photo. >> i think i asked her out pretty much that weekend. i knew i loved her probably four weeks later. >> within months of dating, todd was on board with michelle's idea of becoming a cupcake entrepreneur. >> we both work extremely hard at our jobs and we wanted to do something different and together. >> it was her dream, yes. it became mine when i saw how happy you could be at it. >> the chocolate is divine. >> reporter: within a year, todd proposed. they head it official on new year's eve starting off 2010 as newlyweds. the cupcake and coffee shop just opened in april and the "washington post" prominently featured todd and michelle in
5:57 am
an article. that led to something else. a publishing deal. >> their story of love and determination is now featured in a new book called icing on the cake. it is part of a new paperback reality series. so what is it like to be in a book now? surreal. >> they have our entire first thee years in a book that we'll be able to look back on. >> reporter: champagne and cupcakes. it's book launch celebration but with a new business and a new marriage. >> i don't think you can hold me. >> you will agree todd and michelle have a lifetime of chapters to go. in chevy chase, maryland, will thomas, fox 5 news. in the mood for one of those cupcakes? we have a link to it on our web site. >> go to and click on web links. we have more stop stories and weather coming up. stay with us. we're back at 6:00.
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